Welcome to Ashburton's Regency Motel

Jaspers Tips

Hi I am Jasper your official greeter at the motel, I am a cocker spaniel and love people and other dogs.


My mum and dad love to take me out in Ashburton and we have some great places in to visit, explore and eat here are a few of our favorites.


This is my most favorite place to visit and boy do I get spoilt. Aunty Cheryl is great and she loves to spoil other pups as well. This is like a candy store for pups and cats. I love going down for an ice cream and a donut. How lucky are we to have this store right here in Ashburton  Best Buddies K9 Boxes is located in Ashford village @ 427 West Street, Ashburton, New Zealand 7700. Aunty Cheryl makes her own dog treats, and they are definitely Jasper approved


While visiting Best Buddies, your mums and dads can go for a coffee, breakfast or lunch at Millhouse Kitchen also at Ashford Village.


Some other cafes that mum and dad like to take me are  are Black and White coffee cartel , Taste CafĂ© (they sometimes have treats here as well), We also hear that Joes Garage is pet friendly but are yet to visit.  


After all this eating and treats, I do like to go for a walk and run in the park. My favorite Spots are the off-leash dog area off Company Road and Argyle Park because I can sometimes swim in the little creek at the back of the park.


There is an off-leash dog park behind Kmart and plenty of other places that I have not yet explored. This map for the council has a list of where you can go.


I hope these tips have helped you out and please enjoy a treat on arrival just at the motel, hopefully we can have a play while you are visiting.


 Thank you Jasper